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Registration Page

 All Registration Forms

Welcome to the registration form page. Thank you for taking the time to complete your details. Below you will find a description of each form to better serve your purpose and cater to suit your needs.

Custom Earring  Registration

Thank you for attending the event! Now that you  have designed your own feather earring masterpiece please complete the registration form below so we can finish handcrafting your   design ready to wear or gift for that special loved one..

DIY  Workshop Availability

 The Host of the party would  like to invite you to a DIY Workshop.This form is used  to determine  guests availabiltiy so that the host  can set a time and day that best suits everyone to attend.

Expression of Interest

Interested in hosting or attending  a DIY party or booking a artisian to handcraft at your next event

Complete the form below and we will reach out to discuss  your interest further and keep you updated on our upcoming events and workshops

Heart with Wings
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