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How we got started


The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas can be undeniable. The lights, the excitement, the showgirls and the purely opportunistic state-of-mind embody what is known to many as Sin City. Las Vegas holds a unique place in the hearts of people from all over the world. That was how it began for designer Shannon Shanoski.
As a dancer with 20 years’ production experience, Shannon was always challenged to style her own costumes when performing at top Las Vegas shows. She could never seem to find the right accent to her outfits, so Shannon began experimenting. By combining colorful feathers with contemporary charms, Shannon created a unique product that had never before been seen: high quality, glamorous feather earrings.
After wearing her designs out on the town, Shannon was overwhelmed by the amount of compliments she received, and was inspired to start creating for other women. She wanted to empower all women to turn heads and discover their own unique prowess through the art of her earrings.
The spotlight may shine on a chosen few, but now it’s your turn to sparkle in mesmerizing magenta's, glittering golds and tantalizing turquoise. Shannon has created a collection that can be worn day-to-night, taking into mind each occasion where a women might want to exude some extra style. 

Pick a pair based on your mood, or your favorite color, there are countless creative designs to choose from, each more elegant than the last. All hand-made in Las Vegas, Shannon is proud to present her collection of distinct, dazzling earrings. 
Now it's your turn to shine! 

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