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Lunor Eclipse Charm with Midnight Black Feathers Long

SKU: 0007
  • Slip these midnight black feather earrings on and prepare to take a far out trip to the dark side of the moon.



  • Materials

    Available in surgical steel gold plated ear wire hooks or clip on earrings.

    Attached to a light weight gold plated enamel pendant,oval shaped design with clear crystal rhinestones and 2 faceted round glass beads.

    Feather Type These silky soft goose nagorie feathers have a rounded tip and are fluffy near the bottom of the quill.6 feathers are featured in this piece and are tightly secured with gold plated crimp cord ends.


    The total length of the earring is 9.5"(24cm) starting from the earring hole.

    The Charm is 1.5" by 0.5" in size.

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