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Round up your gal pals and get ready for some DIY fun.


Enjoy a girls night out and learn how to make your own glamorous feathery earring masterpiece. These earrings are everything you need to perfect your girly glam looks.


Feathers are powerful symbols for many different cultures and people. Whether you’re flying off to a festival or simply looking for a statement piece that speaks to your bohemian spirit, feather earrings are a sophisticated way to incorporate meaning into your next outfit. Pick a pair to create based on your mood, or your favorite color, there are countless creative designs to choose from.


Enjoy crafting in the privacy of your own home, hotel suite or designed meet up spot.Ideal for bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, date night, birthdays, sweet 16 parties and team building, there is a style for every occasion.


These pairs of feathery earrings make remarkable jewelry keepsakes, mementos or creative gifts for that special loved one.


Now it's your turn to shine and build confidence one wing at a time.

DIY Workshops

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